Youth Days 2019

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Our site and page provide you with information on “Youth Days” on a regular basis. The organizers and participants gave us a few live days and after the end we decided to remind you of a few episodes.

The teams had a distinctive form

what where When


Theatrical tour

As part of the youth days, several teams were formed to compete with each other. This year too, the team “Loui” won.

Winners this year as well

The movie “Loui”

Photo contest “Louis”

The nineties tour

Last year’s theatrical performance

Louis deserved the first place this year as well

Salvador team

Salvador’s Indian-Megrelian film has garnered 90,000 views and surpassed the competition

The team “Bermuda”

Youth Days 2019 “
Competition photo team “Bermuda” I place in the photo contest

მწვანე გული

“Green Heart” competition film

“Green Heart”



Live recording of the beginning of “Youth Days”

Live recording of the of “Youth Days”

Dance Karaoke

Tea Tkebuchava is the author of most of the photos