Square in Khabume

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“Meore Jumiti” is village in Khabume. It is possible to come from khabume Center.

R.Khobistskali landscape can be seen from the bridge.

Bathing places depend on nature. It is most popular to swim near the bridge, but everything is decided by Khobistskali, Which changes the flow space, but definitely leaves a place where you can cool off.

The river temperature in Jumiti is lower than in Mukhuri. Cooling here is a real pleasure. Please note the weather, the duration of the rains, and the temperature. For children, the flow is less dangerous.

There is dryness here now, but no one knows what it will be like next year

Frozen Khobistskali

The so-called “Tkilebi” – the water level depends on Khobistskali. It may not be water in this place for a few years, but you will see the best view later.

Since 2011, a small square has been built near the bridge, where several tables, a volleyball court, chairs and of course beautiful coniferous trees are located.

It is true that with the great efforts of the City Hall, the local women’s organization, Khatuna Mikava personally, the square was illuminated and a number of innovations were added, but the great enemy is alcohol, picnics and carelessness. The square loses its function at the end of the season.

volley ball

Khabumeloba in Jumiti Square

Jumit stop, Maya spring water.

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