Women’s “rebellion” in Chogha. Women protest

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The Stalinist regime was ruthless and aggressive. Violence was the main argument, and no one welcomed the Dissenting opinion. A scandalous fact occurred in Chogha in 1930

Residents did not welcome the policy of collectivization. The discontent was great among the hard-working people whose property belonged to the incomprehensible “the collective.

” On February 6, 1930, a Congress of the chogha community was called and held in the village square . There were unexpected visitors from Taia…

More than thirty women arrived at the meeting armed with sticks. Local residents also joined the protest.

As soon as the speaker mentioned the collective farm and collectivization, women started shouting and trying to disrupt the meeting. This protest was led by Kara Papava.

The situation became tense. “Defenders of order” began to shoot in the air. As a result, one woman died. The village Council was dissolved, and Kara Papava and several of his associates were arrested, but released due to the negative reaction of the population.

The process of collectivization continued. In this story we saw a desperate uprising of fearless women, which was the subject of much attention at that time.

Author: Valerian Akhalaya

Kara died in 1983 at the age of 92 years. He had 8 children and 25 grandchildren. All three sons were veterans of the war. Kara’s children are alive-96-year-old Tatiana and 92-year-old Lena .