Shurubumu, river Deidzakhi and unique cave.

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A few kilometers from the center of Mukhuri is located cave which is known as Shurubumu.

We can reach there easly with khobistskali bridge. From the beginning we will notice a small space where there are several cottages

Distance from the center of Mukhuri to the bridge of shurubumu is about 4Km. Today we can not say on shurubumu what to expect in the future.

The area of shurubumu is small, so for the many tourist it is not favorable.

There are named as shurubumu: location,forests and cave. A few meters away we will see an amazing view which is connected river deidzakhi.

Deidzakhi in Mengrelian means:”DEVI ‘s screaming” and associated with the mysterious noise of the underground water. Area of the river deidzakhi is about 30Sq.Km. Local moss does not lose its beauty. Unfortunately guests do not treat nature ethically, so there are need private sector to solve problems.

There are several legends:

Legends #1: Sounds from the ground –This is the sign that the discharge process is approaching and sounds belong to rivers and lakes.

Legends #2: Water parity–There a small percepitation has drastic meaning, so mechanical impact has its results. There nothing in between god or curse . Speleologist Igor Pichkhaia plays a big role in the research of this place.

Cave of Shurubumu is located the western part of Nigaria. There are narrow holes, we can walk in cave about 150 meters. There are stalactites and helactites which creates an amazing environment. The walls are decorated with petrified waterfly. The shurubumu cave is almost invisible on the surface of the earth. Some sign are marked in river khobistskali where we can hear sound of water which rises from the water.