Ogvargvale (Taia) and the river Shisha

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The river Shisha flows near the village of Taia in Chkhorotsku Municipality. At the request of the readers of our page, together with Levan Gulua and Giorgi Chikovani, we will visit Ogvargvale.

“The river Shisha is a karst river, flowing from the slope of Otsindale.”The river originates in Tsipuria Tafob.

The Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography Expedition has confirmed the relationship between the Zesnakhe Cave and the Shisha Cave by more than 10 kilometers.

It is very interesting to explore the underground section of the river.

Its connection with the Shurubumu Cave has also been confirmed, according to scientists, a multi-kilometer cave system is hidden in the bottom of the limestone massif.

 Shisha is the right tributary of the river Ochkhomur, its last section for tourists can be an interesting object. The water temperature is the highest among the karst rivers of Georgia (the reason is still unclear)

Pictures taken by Papuna Otkhozoria