Gogoleti Church

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Gogoleti Church is a single-nave Basilica. The main part belongs to the nineteenth century, but according to local residents, the temple was built in the eleventh-twelfth century.

History of the temple

The authors of place names of the district Chorotsku mention one of the stories related to family “Gogola”

it turns out that here were ancient bronze axes, knives and daggers, and “Khvama” has been known since ancient times. The icon of St. George here had miraculous power. (The story of A. Harebava)

All four walls were standing before the restoration. It is built of cut stone. It had no roof. The pole on the North side collapsed. On the Eastern wall there was a stone sculpture of a ram’s head, which is currently stored in the Chhorotsku historical Museum.

According to the authors of the same book, Sakatsio was a region of the names of Katsiya, although the surname Jalagoniya considers Gogoleti to be his property.

Photos before restoration:


Exclusive photographs of the Culture Service of the Chkhorotsku City Hall were used.

After the restoration