St. George’s Day 2019 in the village of Otsindale

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It was customary for me to celebrate St. George’s Day

On St. George’s Day, worshipers and guests go to the monastery. The road is not easy, but the climb is worth the effort. I would like to pay tribute to the young photographer from Taia Anri Todua, who kind of guided me and took some good pictures.

Landscapes that unfold from the territory of the monastery

Excerpt from an improvised concert organized by the Cultural Service of Chkhorotsku City Hall
The video was shot by Anri Todua.

On the territory of the monastery

The number of guests was relatively small this year. It will be good if you come from other parts of the world on this day

Bubu is a good Tsuga. He does not like horses and is very noisy

Taia and her rural charm

Everything here has its history

The priest

The exterior of the temple

A monastery that is a must see

In the mountains

Thanks to the Culture Service of the City Hall, Atina Tsurtsumia for this good walk.

Taia, I will visit you again <3

Coordinates walk if you want to too