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Garakha is a part of the city of Chkhorotsku. It is located on the left side of the river Ochkhomuri, starting from a height of 200 meters above sea level. And is divided into upper and lower parts.

Here are fragments of castles dating back to the seventeenth and seventeenth centuries. There is a cave in Garakha

The old toponym was “Najagu”. Earlier, much of the present-day city of Chkhorotsku was considered the lower part of Najagu.

There is a legend about Garakha about a man who was insulted by the Tatar commander. The old man got angry, first killed the commander, and then killed himself. He seems to have preferred death to punishment because of his fellow villagers.

  In 1877 a church, parish school was opened

Near the river Ochkhomuri bridge

The bridge

Photo by Roman Tolordava

Photos by Salome Lomaia

The best views of Chkhorotsku can be seen from Garakha