Actor Valeri Sichinava

განათავსეთ რეკლამა

Author of the text: Iago Keburia, video prepared by Giorgi Gogua

Valeri Sichinava was born in exile in 1955 in the Kazakh SSR.
Valeri Sichinava’s father, Mikheil Sichinava, was taken prisoner during World War II.

The heartbreaking song of Mikheil, who was taken prisoner, was heard by one of the German officers, who Mikheil brought to the barracks of the German battalion (which was staffed by Georgians) with Davit Kavsadze … After that Mikheil Sichinava sang Georgian songs in David Kavsadze’s choir

At the end of the war, Valery’s father, like all “Naplenes” either had to be shot, sentenced to 10 years in prison or even deported … Mikheil Sichinava’s fate smiled and they imposed the relatively easiest debt … Mikheil Sichinava was deported to the Kazakh SSR.

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ვალერი სიჭინავა არის კარგი მამა, ძმა, მეგობარი, მასწავლები…

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