Oda of Kukhalashvilis

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Oda of Kukhalashvilis

Owner:Zurab Kukhalashvili

Location:Akhuti village of Chkhorotsku municipality

Approximate age:170 years


Built by the Dadiani living in Akhuti, this oda has long been the object of media and tourist attention. The largest elarji in the world was prepared here, special programs were dedicated to it. “Kukhalashvili’s Oda” is considered to be a cultural heritage monument.

Oda of Kukhalashvilis

The house was sold to the Papascirs by the Dadians. The first owner wasDavid Papaskiri. Anton Papaskiri, who was an influential and authoritative person in Akhuti at that time.

Clergyman Anton Papaskiri

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Anton had one brother, George, and four daughters. Papaskiri, the daughter of Mavra Anton, married Ambrose Kukhalashvili. After that, Oda got the name of Oda Kukhalashviliand it is their property.

There are four rooms in the house. Each of them has its own fireplace. Chestnut, linden, beech and oak materials are used

პროექტი “ჩხოროწყუს კულტურული მემკვიდრეობა” მიმდინარეობს ჩხოროწყუს მერიის კულტურის სამსახურის ინიციატივით

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