Churches in Chkhorotsku Municipality before the revolution

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We continue our acquaintance with the episodes of the “Chkhorotsky History” . We have published a separate list of churches and clergy that have yet to be processed by other scholars.

The religion of the majority of the population living in this area is Orthodoxy. Believers had their shrines, a prayer building. It was a church building where Christian services were held.

The fund of the Chkhorotsky Museum of Local Lore keeps 780 records of churches operating in the district, which indicates that before the revolution, 34 churches operated in the Chkhorotsky region. They are built at different times. Church of St. George in Osindal was built in the eleventh century. The rest were built at the end of the feudal era.

The church in the village of Kirtskhi, which was turned into a club and then demolished

Priest Anton Papaskiri

The clergy opened schools near churches. Most of them are the founders of these schools.