From the history of churches NaJaGu (Garakha)

განათავსეთ რეკლამა

 On the clergy working in Garakha

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Arsen Kvirkvelia

The Priest Arsen Kvirkvelia The priest Arsen was born in 1887 in the village Garage He was engaged in educational activities. Father Arsen was ordained a priest in the Church of St. George in the village Garakha.

The period of repression coincided with the service. The police of Chkhorotsku took at the Church of the silver coins and handed them over to the firehouse. The churches were torn down and divided. Father Arsen was removed from the clergy. Father Arseny dressed as a priest again in July 1978. The teacher, who had reached the age, met ilia 2.

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Mose Kvirkvelia

Register of births 1888-1911 years. They contain some information about secular and ecclesiastical figures. On September 8, 1901, Bishop Alexander Okropiridze wrote that the metric book was a good work.

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